Principles and Characteristics

  • Voluntariness: the mediation is voluntary and the parties voluntarily decide to start the procedure.
  • Free disposal: Nobody is obliged to remain in the procedure or to conclude an agreement. The parties may withdraw from the mediation at any time.
  • Confidentiality: The procedure of mediation and the documentation to be used in it are confidential as well for the mediator as for the parties.
  • Impartiality:  The mediator may not act to the detriment or interest of any of the parties.
  • Neutrality: The mediator has no power of decision on the solution of the conflict.
  • Equality of the parties: In the procedure of mediation it will be guaranteed that the parties will intervene with full equality of chances maintaining the balance between their positions.
  • Self-determination of the parties: The parties are who seek alternative solutions and options to solve their conflict by reaching agreements created by themselves.
  • Good faith: The parties to the procedure have to act according to the principles of loyalty and mutual respect.