Foundation Mediation

The Notarial Association of Catalonia, aware of the need to promote other ways to settling conflicts other than litigation, linked to the leading role the citizens are playing, created The Notarial Mediation Foundation.

The Foundation seeks to provide a service of mediation to individuals and companies with special attention to the civil and business scope by means of a Mediation Centre in charge of the selection and designation of mediators accredited by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolutions (CEDR), the centre of reference in Europa within the scope of mediation.

Likewise, the aim of the Foundation is based on boosting and promoting the mediation and other out-of-court systems to settle conflicts by means of training programmes, investigation, publications and other dissemination activities.

The Foundation is established with the purpose of being a mediation institution, according to the set out in the Law 5/2012, of 6 July, of mediation in civil and business matters.


Calle Notariat 4

Phone: 93 317 48 00