Notarial Academy

What is offered

The Notarial Academy of Catalonia, created in 1987, has come under the Notaries of Catalonia Foundation since 2004. Its purpose is to assist in the training of those Graduates in Law who want to sit for the competitive examinations to qualify as notaries. 

For all this the candidates can obtain, free of charge:

  • The content, permanently updated, of the subjects of the examination
  • Tutor notaries who advise and carry out a specific and individual follow-up of the candidates
  • Legal library, with books useful in preparing for the examination and specialised magazines
  • A classroom for study and exercises, which helps in preparation for the written exercises of the examination

Since 2008, the Academy has had its headquarters on the second floor of the College of Notaries of Catalonia, at Carrer Notariat 4, Barcelona.

The Co-directors of the Academy at the present time are Albert Domingo Castella, notary of Vilassar de Mar, and Javier Martínez Lehmann, notary of Barcelona.


To be a notary demands (Art. 6 Notarial Regulation):

  1. Being Spanish or having the nationality of any Member State of the European Union, or being in one of the situations envisaged in article 1 of the Act 17/1993, of 23 December, on access to certain sectors of public function for nationals of Member States of the European Union.
  2. Being of age.
  3. Not being involved in any of the cases of disqualification or which make it impossible to practice as a notary.
  4. Being a Doctor or Graduate in Law or having completed the studies for this degree. If the qualification comes from a Member State of the European Union, its recognition or homologation to the equivalent qualification has to be accredited.

To enter the Academy requires meeting requirements 1), 2), 3) and 4), and being resident in Catalonia for the time of preparation for the examination.


All the tutors of the Academy are notaries in practice who, voluntarily and without remuneration, devote some hours every week to the preparation of candidates for the notarial examination.

The candidate is assessed every week by the tutor in the headquarters of the Academy. The assessment takes place on Monday or Wednesday, after 17.00 hours.

At present the Academy has the following tutors:

  • Albert Domingo Castellà, notario de Vilassar de Mar
  • Javier Martínez Lehmann, notario de Barcelona
  • Miguel Antonio Benet Mancho, notario de Mataró
  • Jordi Pané Foix, notario de Cervera
  • Claudi Martín Ges, notario de Manresa
  • Marta Tort Sanz, notaria de Arenys de Munt
  • Ana Loaces Romero, notario de Ripollet
  • Belén García-Sancha Sáez, notario de Barcelona
  • Marta Fuentes Blanco, notaria de Barcelona
  • Elena Cantos Márquez, notaria de Barcelona
  • Pere Albiol Ballesteros, notario de Sant Joan de Vilatorrada
  • Júlia Descamps Muntada, notaria de Figueres
  • Oriol González Corsellas, notario de Caldes d’Estrac
  • Teresa María Villazán Tovar, notaria de Vandellòs i l'Hospitalet de l'Infant
  • Guillermo Martín-Rivas Ruiz, notario de Camprodon
  • Mariona Martínez Mateu, notaria de Girona
  • Maria Armas Herráez, notaria de Barcelona
  • María Garay, notaria de Barcelona
  • Leopoldo Martínez de Salinas, notario de Barcelona
  • Eva Linage Hernanz, notaria de Tortosa
  • Sonia Sanchez Ruiz, notaria de Pineda de Mar
  • Carlos Martínez Sanchez, notario de Castelló d'Empúries
  • Carolina Sorigué Benito, notaria de Santa Coloma de Farners