Copies from the archive

The content of deeds is secret and the notary has the obligation to oversee that no content is revealed except in those cases where the law allows knowledge of the content of a deed.

For the first hundred years the content of the register is secret. After those hundred years it is accessible in the terms of article 303 of the Notarial Regulations (NR): "Art. 303. Within the limits laid down in article 32 of the Notaries Act, the archivists of the registers, on the working days and at the times specified, shall allow persons of known competence in the studies of historical research to consult documents which are more than a hundred years old and are of undoubted value for the studies in question, taking the necessary measures in every case for the preservation of the documents in their care."

This is why, before delivering a copy, the notary who issues it (in this case the person responsible is the Archivist Notary) must be assured of the identity of the applicant in order to assess whether or not they have the right to obtain that copy and, in  consequence, whether or not to lift the secrecy of the Register.

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