Our Services

The Archive possess a modern consultation room, spacious and with natural light, with sixteen reading points and a select historical reference library, specialized in sources, history of Catalonia and of Barcelona, archivistics and other complementary disciplines. And, in addition to the usual activities of processing, description, dissemination of the collections and users support, the Archive is directly connected with the Universities and other cultural institutions of the city.

Thus, with prior appointment, the teachers can teach practical classes of different subjects related to the notarial documentation (methodology and textual critics, paleography and diplomatics, history, anthropology   …) and commented visits are done, within the scope of the subjects of university degrees and masters, directed to let know the collections, facilities and management of the Archive.

Also, in its already traditional line of publications of historical and juridical nature, it shall be pointed out that, also with the sponsorship of the Fundación Noguera, the Historical Archive of Official Records edits a prestigious review of historical and institutional nature, titled Estudis Històrics I Documents dels Arxius de Protocols. It appeared in 1948, it has an annual periodicity, it collects historical and juridical works preferably bearing on notarial documentation, it has article with well-known signatures and reached its number XXXIII.