Notarial Diplomatics

The diplomatics is the discipline that studies the form of the documents and reconstructs their tradition, structure and genesis to check their authenticity and to assess the text with relation to the formulas used.

In this subsection, you will find information and different materials on the nature and typology of the notarial document, its fundamental elements, its tradition and other significant features that, from the diplomatics perspective, allow to best understand the written materialisation of the notarial juridical activity.


Memória Anual 2011

The notarial instrument


Synthetic presentation that analyses the concept, the documentary intellectual and formal structure and the genesis and tradition of the notarial instrument.
Memória Anual 2011
Basic bibliography


Short selection of the most significant titles that, for the Catalan scope, the notaries approached through the diplomatic perspective. Also references to classical works of the notarial diplomatics are included.