Aurora is the name chosen for the document administrator supporting the section of digital archives of the AHPB. With this choice, the Notarial Association of Catalonia pays tribute to the unfinished well-known work of Rolandino de’Passaggeri. Thus, if the Prince of the notaries used in the Aurora for the first time verbatim the documents formulas to gloss and disseminate the knowledge on the ars notariae, this new Aurora has as main objective, precisely, to let the varied typology of instruments included in the Barcelonian notarial official record available to the researchers, in order to boost the research and the knowledge as well of the notarial institution as of the social and economic life of the past to which it contributed to provide with legal security.

In this application, therefore, the digitalized collections of the AHPB will be deposited, designed to free consultation, being conscious that the whole of the unreachable Barcelonian Historical official record   may not be accounted for.

The over forty thousand volumes forming the historical collection – as well as the hundreds that will be added each year – makes that a mass digitalization is not feasible. Rather, they help to best understand why Aurora will not have an unfinished nature like its Middle ages predecessor, but an endless nature, as established by the principles of digital continuity for the preservation and dissemination of the documentary heritage through the internet.


"Nam tempora se iungens tenebras Aurora repellit et nunciat lucis munera grata rubens."

(Because the Dawn, separating the times, dispels the shadows and, bright, announces the pleasurable benefits of the light.)