Frequent Asked Questions

What is needed to make a will?

You need to go to any notary –remember that you can always choose the notary you like – and simply take your Nat. Id. card. When you have explained how you want to divide your assets, the notary will ask you for the additional information that may be needed. From that point, the notary will prepare the will setting out your wishes and will make an appointment for you to come to read and sign it. There is no need for witnesses or any inventory of goods.

Is it necessary to have a private document – a contract of intent – before signing a deed of purchase?

It is not necessary, although on occasions it is done with the aim of ensuring as far as possible that the transaction will go through. In the event of doing it, you are legally bound to comply with its entire content, provided it is not contrary to the legal ordinance. For this reason we recommend that you consult a notary about it beforehand.

Is it possible to read a deed of purchase with a mortgage loan before signing it?

Yes, the purchaser has the right to review the draft of the deed prepared by the notary during the three days before its signature. If this is not done beforehand, on the day of signature the notary will explain to you the content of the deed and settle any queries you may have before signing.